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Amore's offers fine dining Italian food, with roots mainly from Tuscany, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. There is a focus on making all of the food in house, including fresh pastas and breads.

The menu is 14 pages, there are full menu pages devoted to each of the following: starters, soups, pastas, seafood, pizzas and cake. In addition there are varied dishes with beef, pork, chicken and duck.


Freshly baked breads and various sauces are offered complimentary with each table. We recommend the following: “Insalata Caprese” (salad of tomato, slices of mozzarella, and basil), “Bruschette” (Italian bread with tomato, caper and black olive), “Brodetto di pesce” (mix seafood soup), “Linguine alla puttanesca” (flat spaghetti with tomato sauce, black olive, anchovy and caper), “Filetto alla gliglia” (grilled beef fillet), “Fritto misto” (deep fried squid rings and shrimp), “Tiramisu” and “Panna cotta”.

You can enjoy our food at home also, we delivery if close to the restaurant or a professional company will do it for you.

The wine offerings are varied, both red and white wines are available, we offer more than fifty kind of wine but only from Italy. White wine range from ¥168-388, and red wine from ¥168-2188. There is Tiger Beer on draft as well as a good selection of domestic and imported bottles. Being a true and legitimate Italian Restaurant, the coffee/”espresso” is flavorful and one of the best in Ningbo.
Amore’s is a perfect place to take your loved one for a romantic dinner or whenever the need for authentic Italian food overcomes you.

Italian cuisine

The reason so many people fall in love with Italy has much to do with its cuisine. Italian cooking has been influenced by diverse groups of people and places, historically and in modern times. The Americas, for instance, had a huge influence on Italian cuisine.

Similarities and Differences
While there are many differences between regions, and between households within a region, the concept of Italian food would not exist unless there were many similarities as well. There is a tendency for food experts to stress the differences instead of the similarities within ...
Every Italian region has a tradition of its own with regard to Carnival, Easter, Christmas, and other holidays. Most foods prepared for them are sweet, but there are some savory dishes as well.
Meal structure
Meals in Italy usually contain no fewer than 3-4 courses. Meals are seen as a time to spend with family and friends instead of immediate sustenance, as such the daily meals can be longer than in other cultures.
Dining out
Each type of establishment has a defined role and traditionally sticks to it. Below is a listing of dining and drinking establishments in Italy...
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